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Heath Asher Owens

( character profile ; heath asher owens ; original character )

[Name] → Heath(cliff) Asher Owens
[Preferred Name] → Heath
[Nickname(s)] → Heathy, Asher, Owens
[Age] → 17
[Birthday] → November 22, 1960
[Sex/Gender] → Male/Male
[Sexuality] → Heath's sexuality is kind of hard to describe, especially because labels for sexuality can be so broad. The easiest way to describe it, really, is just sexual, because honestly, he'd probably have sex with a transfigured teapot if it had a human shape. Gender identity, or identity in general, means nothing to him as long as you're attractive and have a sexual organ and/or a hole to fuck.

[House/Year] → Gryffindor ; 7th Year
[Wand] → Ash, 12 ¼", Dragon Heartstring
[Pet] → Officially, none. But he's unofficially "adopted" one of the Owlery owls and calls it Tuppence because it looks sort of like this:

[Patronus] → Animals that come all pretty and silver from their wands. Get as descriptive as you want!
[School Positions] → Quidditch, Head Boy/Girl, Prefect, etc.
[Best/Favorite Subjects] →
[Worst/Hated Subjects] →

[PB] → Obvs.
[Height] → Obvs., metric is a-okay to include
[Weight] → if you know it, metric is a-okay to include
[Hair color] → Descriptive as you want
[Eye color] → Descriptive as you want
[Breast size] → Real, fake, moobtacular, or get rid of this section all together
[Appearance] → Body type, eye shape, face shape, lip shape, hair line, hair style, etc., feel free to bullet-point

[Nationality] → British
[Blood Status] → Pure
[Place Of Residence] → Outside of school
[Personality] → OCD about change, which is why he has commitment issues. He has the overwhelming urge to just... change things around in his life every so often (usually every few weeks or so depending on his mood/other things happening in his life, but sometimes it can last up to a few months). This includes the organization of his stuff, redecorating, who he's dating and/or having sex with, his schedule, etc. Being in whatever the hell kind of relationshit with Dimitri is the closest he's ever gotten to real commitment.
[Family] → Mother and Father (currently unnamed), Heather (older sister)
[History/Background] → Feel free to bullet-point

[Other] → Anything not covered? Add it here or make your own section for it!
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