wally west ( ⚡ ) kid flash (chemwhiz) wrote in rhapsodyinmuse,
wally west ( ⚡ ) kid flash

christmas presents for route_29!

Robin ► matching helmet to go with the bike Wally built Robin for his birthday (aka THE MOST DEPRESSING PRESENT EVER WEH)
Midorisex lingerie THIS DRESS and a nice, romantic Christmas dinner (cooked by yours truly)
Conner ► NEW BOOTS!!!
MeganA Scientific Guide to Cooking (or Why Burnt Cookies Aren't So Bad) by Wally West, complete with illustrations
Artemiscoal a ninja movie collection, with such great classics as: Ninja Warrior, Night of the Ninja, I Am the Ninja, and It Came From the Land of the Rising Sun
Steph ► an "I ♥ Waffles" t-shirt

TO CASTMATES AND EVERYONE ELSE! GINGERBREAD COOKIES. Because Wally fucking loves gingerbread cookies. There's one gingerbread person in every package, decorated to look like you to the best of his ability. You will also receive festively shaped ones, like Christmas trees, snowmen, stars, and there's also some nerdy ones, like Pokéballs, the Starfleet logo, the Flash symbol, etc. ENJOY!
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