Miria Harvent (isaaaaaac) wrote in rhapsodyinmuse,
Miria Harvent

first train robbery ❧ [video | action]

[The video begins transmitting and you can see Miria in her festive Santa suit, minus the beard. She's also wearing a very strange thing on her head that looks something like a hat... made out of mistletoe. And if you look closely, there's a large tree in the background, but it's very unfestively bare.]

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas everyone! As you might be able to see, my tree is very sad... I need help decorating it! Bring whatever ornaments you can find and we'll try to spruce it up! You can visit Pussyfoot too! So come on, everyone, hop to it, this tree won't decorate itself! It'll be fun!

Also, I found some rather odd green and red stuff and once Isaac finally removed it, I made a hat out of it! Isn't it nice and festive?
Tags: character: miria harvent, fandom: baccano!, faux canon: discedo, have a holly jolly christmas, let's all trim the christmas tree, shenanigans of hatty the mistletoe hat
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