Jounouchi Katsuya (brooklyn_raaage) wrote in rhapsodyinmuse,
Jounouchi Katsuya

duel 001 ★☆

Oi! 's anyone in this dump know how to play Duel Monsters?
Tags: !voice testing, character: jounouchi katsuya, fandom: yugioh
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Well look at what the cat dragged in.
Hah? Duel Monsters? I've never heard of that before! Is it fun?
Never heard of it?! Hell yeah it's fun! And I ranked number two in Duelist Kingdom, so you could say I'm pretty damn good!
Two? Haha that's good! Is it fun?
Eh? What's "Duel Monsters"?
... You never even heard of Duel Monsters before? You been livin' under a rock or somethin'?
Nope. And I'm pretty sure I'm not livin' under a rock.

What is it?
's only the most popular card game in the world's what it is!


8 years ago

The heck is Duel Monsters?
Jeez, what's with all you people not knowin' what it is? C'mon, it's only the most popular card game in the world! You really never heard of it?
Card game? Can't say I have. Is this one of those things kids are all into these days? I don't pay attention that stuff.
Duel Monsters? That's a band, right? I guess Heath hasn't showed them to me yet...

Well, don't you play records with a record player? That's what you Muggles do, right?
Sorry, Duel Monsters isn't great enough to be played around here.